How To Cancel YupTV Subscription

how to cancel yuptv subscription

YupTV is a service for indian channels abroad. We used YupTV App on our Playstation to watch few indian channels in USA. We opted for this service when our parents were visiting us for few months. We wanted to cancel it after they were gone. Too bad that, YupTV website does not offer a way to cancel subscription. The main reason is they want to retain the customers.

There are two ways to cancel subscription.

  • Online Chat - I find this much easy since they do not have much waiting on this. And response is usually prompt. It took me 5 minutes to cancel using this option.
Here is chat transcript for my cancelation request to YupTV
8/1/2015 Conversation Transcript
Welcome Priya! Your request has been directed to the Billing Support department. Please wait for our operator to accept your chat.
Chat accepted by operator Praveen. Currently in room: Praveen, Sachin Joshi. Thank you. Praveen:
Welcome to YuppTV
Please provide your Email ID along with your relevant contact number and Geographical Location for record purpose ?
Thank you for providing required information.
How may I assist you today ?
Sunnyvale, CA, USA
I need to cancel the subscription from next month
can you please help
I will definitely provide the required information, may I know the reason for cancellation?
we took it for my parents visit from india
we are now done with it
We also have option to place your subscription on hold for 3 months, Shall I do it so that you may again utilize the service after 3 months?Priya:
nope, please cancel, completely
Would you be interested in continuing the subscription,If we add free YUPP Movies package to your current active package ?Priya:
nope, thanks for offer thoughPraveen:
Before you decide for cancellation please consider this below LAST option once :
Apart canceling,You can also downgrade your current pack ?
nope thanks, please cancelPraveen:
As you have got charged this month you can use the service till this month end that is 31­August­2015, I assure you from next month onwards (ie:1 ­ Sep ­2015) you will not get charged.I have cancelled your package from 1 ­ Sep ­2015 .
You will get confirmation e­mail of cancellation within 48hrs.
sure thanks
Praveen:I am sorry to lose you as our valued and esteemed customer. Hope you give us an opportunity again to serve you.
Thank you for being YuppTV Customer.
Please refer some of your friends who may subscribe for yupptv, Thank you.
I hope I have been able to assist you. Is there any thing else I may assist you with today?
no thanks.

  • Call their Call center Phone number (its listed on their website top right corner)- YupTV FAQs - Call center may be busy and calls may go on waiting so keep patience. 

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