'Sach Ka Samna' stolen idea from 'Moment of Truth' - Good, Bad & Ugly part

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The recent Indian television Show "Sach Ka Samna", which has grabbed attention of Indian media and people is based on America's old popular show 'Moment of Truth' in which Contestants answer a series of 21 increasingly personal and embarrassing questions to receive cash prizes.

In America this show is hosted by Mark Walberg and is telecasted by the Fox network. The show first premiered in America on January 23, 2008.

Indian Channel Star Plus has copied the exact same show and its called "Sach Ka Samna" (means "facing the truth" in Hindi) in which Contestants answer a series of 21 questions mostly embarrassing as they are personal in nature.
Those who pass the polygraph test become eligible to win up to Rs one crore in prize money. Rajeev Khandelwal will be seen as the host of the show.

The Good

Its astonishing to see people staggerring, crying and shiverring just to answer a few questions. The positive side of this show is emphasis on truth, which is most important part of any humon beings life. If presented well, this can be a good learning for Indian youth.

I would be really surprised to see an Indian politician sitting on this show and answering some serious questions.

The Bad

Where is originality?
As always, Why cant Indian channels try to be original in creating there own shows instead of stealing a American hit idea?
The ironi of this show is that its about truth of contestants but the channel doesnt like to be truthful & honest to their audience.

Hoopla by Media
There is a big hoopla made about it in the media, and some people think this is against Indian culture and some questions are obscene. Well, in India there are many people who worry about "Not so Important" problems.
Instead of looking into issues that are more important, and serious than spending time on a stupid daily soap.

So as always Indian Judiciary needs to waste their time on this now, which is going to give this show enough attention in media and audience. The matter was up for hearing on July 29.

"NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court on Wednesday dismissed two petitions seeking a stay on the controversial TV show 'Sach Ka Samna', saying that moral policing is not its function."

The Contestants, who are participating are well aware of what will be asked to them, and its their personal life so why Other people wasting their time on it?

The Ugly

Questions about Sexual life
Any personal question would be more serious for India audience if its about Contestants Sexual life.
I have seen a few episodes of this show and noticed that the host are trying to ask more of such questions in the end, which can make or spoil any contestants life.

The Secret of polygraph machine
- The channel claims that "The Polygraph Machine" tells them if the answer is correct or not. And as per the format of show, they ask 50 questions in advance and decide to ask 21 out of them. That means they can always decide whether they want this person to win or not.
- I wouldn't agree that Polygraph machine is scientifically 100% accurate, so whats the basis of truth here? In a few episodes people have answered seemingly not difficult questions and the Polygraph declared them "False".
So there is not gaurantee that you being truthful may have you win 1 crore. The channel keeps the secret of winning the game with it.