Black Friday Buying Guide 2010 - Shared Google Doc Spreadsheet

This is a spreadsheet shared on google docs to help with Black Friday shopping, I hope you will find it useful. It is a spreadsheet that lists all the major Black Friday store ads in a format that can be sorted by store, product, price, etc.

I have Shared it to Public at Google Docs so just bookmark the link below to get the latest updates since this is still being updated with more ad information as they become available.

Google Docs is amazing. The same doc can be accessed in various ways

View as Spreadsheet: Black Friday Buying Guide 2010 - SpreadSheet
View as HTML: Black Friday Buying Guide 2010 - HTML
RSS feed link: Black Friday Buying Guide 2010 - RSS

In case you want to print, PDF Version is available at: Black Friday Buying Guide 2010 - PDF

For linux users, who have open office use this link for OpenDocument Spreadsheet Format: Black Friday Buying Guide 2010 - OpenDocument

Happy Thanks Giving and Black Friday!


  1. The original Black Friday Spreadsheet can be found here http://slickdeals.net/forums/showthread.php?sduid=68708&t=2377379 which is in the SlickDeals Black Friday Forums. I have created and provided the spreadsheet the past 5 years. Direct link to download is here:




  2. @akelnat Thanks for sharing the original link.

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