Can I Earn Money for Idle Computer Processing Time?

I was trying to search over web if I could earn something by lending my computer at idle time.

Here is the rationale behind this, as most of you would know that modern computers are good at doing multi-tasking and many processes can be run on a simple laptop of a desktop. If you do not have computer science background than you may be surprised to know that you are still keeping your computer idle for most of the time.
If you are browsing on the internet you laptop processing takes few milliseconds and after that it sits idle. This is the reason why even after running many parallel programs you computer keeps responding on time.

If you computer is sitting idle for a longer time then you may utilize its processing using a PEER program and it can have you earn some money in idle time.
The earning may vary based on the amount of time your system is available and few other factors but its worth giving a try. Here I am trying to use Gomez as the provider for using my machine. All you need to do is a register for free with Gomez then download & install their PEER client on your machine.

If you have more then one machine then you can use all of them (if you want) and your earnings can be higher.

Here is the extract from Gomez website FAQs. Read more details about it here

How does the Gomez PEER work? What does it do with my spare capacity?

Each PEER in Gomez's network serves as a "beacon," running in the background of your PC, contributing its spare resources (such as otherwise wasted processing power, RAM, and bandwidth) to test the performance of Web sites.

What kind of computer do I need to run the Gomez PEER?

You must have an Internet connection, a 500 Mhz Pentium III or better, Windows XP, NT, 2000 or 2003 Operating System, 128 MB RAM, and 40 MB of free hard disk space. You must also have the ability to visit secured or SSL encrypted pages.

Is the Gomez PEER secure? Does it provide access to my personal files or data?

The Gomez PEER was designed with security in mind. The PEER defines a "sandbox" on your machine that sets advanced security policies to prevent unauthorized access. Also, the information passed between your machine and our server is encrypted using SSL.
The PEER does not allow access to your personal files or data. It only processes the work that is sent to it by Gomez's servers. For this reason, the PEER will not allow your computer to "catch" viruses. The information sent to the Gomez PEER is in message form (not in file form, like an e-mail attachment). Your files and privacy are not compromised by the Gomez PEER.

Can I run the Gomez PEER on more than one machine?

absolutely! You can run the Gomez PEER on multiple machines to increase your chances of earning money! Account status (Active) and System Activity determine your eligibility to earn money. Therefore, if you have multiple computers connected to the Internet, you will increase your chances of being activated and earning money. Keep in mind that you can only run one copy of the Gomez PEER on each machine and you want to make sure that you are linking all of the computers to the same Username, (account). Also, make sure that each machine has a unique "machine name" assigned during the installation process.

You can register for free to create an account with Gomez by using my referal link below

For those who are techies, the Gomez PEER client is a Java based program and has a decent user interface. The concept looks promising as they talk about testing the performance of several web sites using the power of millions of Gomez registered users.

I have recently started using it, anyone already using this please share your experiences. Also don't forget to share if there are any other options available similar to Gomez?

How to get fast approval for your account?
Well, there is no shortcut to this but you can definitely speed up the approval of account if you keep the criteria of approval in mind.

1. Machine configuration - If your machine configuration is not good then it may take longer time to get your account approved.

2. Number of machines - If you run Gomez peer on multiple machines then it is going to improve the online time and processing time for your account which is going to have your account get active faster as compared to running it on single machine.

3. Network Speed - The speed of your network will also matter therefore if you are using a wireless router then may be its a good idea to plug in the cable when your system is sitting idle. This will give Gomez a better bandwidth and your processing time would improve.

4. Get Referred - Getting referred by someone who is already approved by Gomez may also have your account approval faster.

5. Reboot your system - I have observed that sometimes the Gomez Peer program hangs and its not able to reach the server. This happens if your system is continuously running for long time. Therefore reboot your system once in a while and make sure Gomez Peer is up and running.

6. Add Gomez to your Windows Startup script - This is an option during installation of Gomez Peer but in case you have not chosen to do it you can Go to Options --> Preferences menu and select the checkbox "Launch PEER window at startup".

Updated on Feb 17th 2010: Important Tip

Even if your account is not approved you will still be eligible for referral payments. So don't lose heart if its taking too long for your account to get approved. Even if your account is in Pending status you will receive payment for all referred members by you.

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  1. I have registered for Gomez, but my account is still showing pending from 2 weeks. How many days do you think it will take for Gomez account to get approved?

    1. it some times take around 1 month to get active , i got active in 28days :) , now i am earning around 4$ per month , so i get paid per 2 months :)

    2. If you want an instant one, where it uses no bandwith, then give www.eobot.com a try...i've been making alot of money there for the past month

    3. https://coingeneration.com/auth/new/198893 or http://www.eobot.com/new.aspx?refer=j.muk @ centrum.cz have to earn your computer. For providing part of the performance of your PC will get paid. Do not forget to activate your account using SMS. http://www.privydelek-na-internetu.eu/

    4. I recommend to use eobot.com: Reliable earnings and easy to use application.
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    5. I would highly recommend IPUS:


      They are new and going live Oct 15th, 2013. Registration is limited and they pay incredibly nicely. The interface is really easy to use as well.

      Give it a shot :D

    6. GoinGeneration and IPUS are SCAMS ..they didn't pay from 5 month now. Eobot use soooo much electricity and you get soooo little money from this that is not use !!! You'll pay more electric bill than you can make, the same is with gomez

  2. you may be activated after a month,i used this once and even got paid , now i have registered again and currently am under pending but may be in sept i might be made active.. but this is genuine paying company..

  3. I was on this for 5 months and never saw a dime

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  5. Guys,
    I jsut got my first payment from Gomez Inc. Its great to see this system works and pays without any effort from my side after installation of Gomez Peer.

    Got first Payment at Paypal from Gomez Inc

    1. hope to have more than one computer, so that i can earn more in less time :) I am using one Computer , Get paid for every two months :)
      this month's payment would be my second payment :)

  6. hi guys i get regularly paid by gomez peer see my orkut album for proofs my id is vignesh.kaif@gmail.com add me

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  17. DO NOW USE GOMEZ!! IF, your computer is being used 24/7 then you will make 36 cents/day. Where I live, this will not cover the extra electricity used by the computer. Gomez is taking advantage of noobs. DON'T DO IT.


  19. 36 cents/day ? No, thats not true. The truth is you earn 8.2 cents/day.
    And you are free to not believe me, check it on their webpage under payment rates:
    Online Time Payments (per day): $0.082000

    So don't do it.

  20. Gomez peer is a legitimate sit.

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  24. It's not a scam but it's not profitable. I was never activated, but my electric bill went up way more than the "massive" 3-4 bucks a month people claim to get. Also it will mess up your fullscreen videos and make them flicker when the peer updates. I suggest swagbucks.com/refer/wobdrahpa It's basically a search engine that pays you parts of it's ad revenue. I've been a member for 4 months now and I get about 25 dollars in amazon gift cards a month, one month I got a 50 though bc I did some surveys. I also suggest bing rewards if you like the idea of earning for the searches you do anyway.

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